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Dear Friends, Partners and Co-Workers,

after more than thirty years in business, we have decided to form the entity “FONS JK Group a.s.” and to enter shares in the following companies into it (listed alphabetically): BIONIK Stapro Group s.r.o., Laboratoř lékařské mikrobiologie s.r.o., MeDiLa spol. s r.o. and STAPRO s. r. o. In this way, we are creating a strong and stable holding structure that will provide the individual companies continuity and a professional approach in the performance of ownership rights.

The Managing Board, which will strategically manage the holding, will have the following five members (in alphabetical order): Vojtěch Jirsa, Zdeněk Jirsa, Milan Kudrna, Leoš Raibr, Šárka Vondrová (Kudrnová). The placement of representatives of the next generation of owners into management structures is aimed at providing the stable and continuous development of all companies. Leoš Raibr was appointed chairman of the holding’s Managing Board.

We both strongly believe that this holding structure will ensure the professional exercise of our ownership rights and will lead to further growth and effective development of the companies making up the holding.

The independent business activities of individual companies on the markets on which they operate remains unchanged. Similarly, the composition of the management teams of individual companies remains the same.

Zdeněk Jirsa and Milan Kudrna
FONS JK Group a.s.

As of 1 July 2020, FONS JK Group,  a.s. is the controlling entity of the concern; BIONIK Stapro Group s.r.o.,  Laboratoř lékařské mikrobiologie s.r.o., MeDiLa spol. s r.o. a  STAPRO  s. r. o. are controlled entities.

FONS JK Group a.s.


Managing Board

Ing. Leoš Raibr

Chairman of the Managing Board


Ing. Vojtěch Jirsa, Ph.D.

Managing Board member

Ing. Zdeněk Jirsa

Managing Board member

Ing. Milan Kudrna

Managing Board member


Ing. Šárka Vondrová

Managing Board member


FONS JK Group, a.s. – company headquarters

Pernštýnské nám. 51, 530 02 Pardubice

Tel.: +420 467 003 111
Fax.: +420 467 003 119
E-mail: fonsjk@fonsjk.cz

Company ID No.: 08889139
The Company is entered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Regional Court in Hradec Králové, Section B, File 3706.